World's first vaccine for children over age of two in Cuba

World's first vaccine for children over age of two in Cuba

CUBA : Cuba is the first country in the world to vaccinate children over the age of two.

Cuba began administering the vaccine to children over 12 years of age last Friday, following the completion of a clinical trial of both the Abdala and Soprano vaccines.

In this situation, the vaccination of children above the age of two has started from yesterday (Monday).

Cuba has begun distributing the vaccine to children in the central province of Xi’an.

Although China, the United Arab Emirates and Venezuela have announced plans to vaccinate children, it has been vaccinated for the first time in Cuba.

The World Health Organization has not yet approved the vaccine to be given in Cuba.

Schools in Cuba in October and November; It has been announced that it will be opened gradually. The Cuban government has announced that schools will reopen only after all children have been vaccinated.

It is noteworthy that while adults are being vaccinated, most countries are now starting to vaccinate children over 12 years of age.

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