Woman goes topless at Extinction Rebellion protest (VIDEO)

Woman goes topless at Extinction Rebellion protest (VIDEO)

A topless Extinction Rebellion protestor says she needs to change the perspective on activists and will peel off across the globe to assist with battling environmental change.

Laura Amherst, 31, demands her beau is directly behind her braless position – regardless of whether he won’t join her by taking off his shirt.

The Open University legislative issues understudy created a ruckus at the on-going ‘Unthinkable Rebellion’ showings yet says police are more than glad for her to continue.

Presently she needs to change to change the manner in which activists are seen and has promised to spread her message all over to get the weightiness of the unsafe circumstance into individuals’ psyches.

Energetic Laura told : “I loath culpable individuals – that isn’t what’s going on with this.

“What I am doing is not a criminal offence. I have to admit I thought originally that it might be, but it’s not.

“Police don’t have a problem with me at the moment and there’s been so much support.

“I was told yesterday that the only way what I am doing could become a problem is if I remove my knickers. So we’ll see on that. But I’ve never been arrested, you don’t have to be to make your point.

“I think people have common misconceptions when it comes to activists.

“Different people care – I am trying to appeal to a different demographic

“I’m body positive and I’m sex positive – you don’t need to look a certain way to make a difference.”

“London is incredibly open, but I want to go across the world, to different locations, to send this across,” she said, adding that a roadshow may be next. Whatever it takes to bring climate change to the public’s attention.

“We’re a crunch time and we need new ideas and quickly – it is such a serious situation.

“If a boob world tour can help, then that’s what I’ll do. I don’t care how long it takes to get to places.”

With the second week of Extinction Rebellion protests in full force, Vegan Laura will return to London’s streets on Thursday.

Her family and friends are behind her, and her activist boyfriend Leon is encouraging her to keep going.

“He’s very supportive, but he won’t take his top off!” she added.

“He says he’ll leave all the to me and he said nobody wants to see him walking around with no shirt on.

“My dad says it’s ‘bold’ but he knows I have always done exactly what I want to and that I have strong views.

“I can only speak for myself and I just feel we need to get this message out.”

She had left behind the stickers that had provided her with some protection the previous week.
She drew a lot of attention, holding a cardboard sign that read “Citizens Assembly on Climate Change” and demanding an end to fossil fuel subsidies.

“I believe the message about Citizens Assembly was misunderstood,” she continued.

“The government are not lowering emissions, if fact they have spent more on fossil fuel – they are doing more harm than most people know, and all you’re hearing about is protest arrests.

“We’re not the criminals, they are.

“It’s code red and by ignoring the problem they are destroying the future of millions and millions of people.”



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