'We can enrich uranium to extent that it can be used in nuclear weapons' - Iran!

'We can enrich uranium to extent that it can be used in nuclear weapons' - Iran!

IRAN : Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has said that they can enrich uranium up to 90 percent by using it as a fuel in nuclear weapons.

Hassan Rouhani’s remarks come as Chief Justice Ibrahim Raisi, who took a hard line in the recent presidential election, warns the superpowers that he could take a tough stance on his rule.

Addressing a Cabinet meeting yesterday , President Hassan Rouhani said,

“Iran thinks it can enrich uranium to more than 90 percent of what it uses in nuclear weapons,” he said. But we want to choose the quiet path.

The government could have renewed the nuclear deal with the superpowers in Vienna. But that opportunity was missed by radical politicians. ”

UN Security Council calls on Iran to suspend uranium enrichment The last nuclear deal was signed in 2015 between the permanent members of the Security Council and Germany.

Under the agreement, Iran agreed to ensure that its nuclear programs were not for the production of nuclear weapons.

Instead, the superpowers agreed to lift sanctions on Iran. The former president, Donald Trump, announced his withdrawal from the agreement, which was signed during the Obama administration.

He also re-imposed sanctions on Iran, which had been suspended due to the agreement. In return, Iran is gradually violating the terms of the agreement. Thus, there is a risk that the contract will be broken.

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