Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven resigns

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven resigns

SWEDEN : One week after losing the confidence vote, Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven has resigned.

Stephen Lofven, the 63-year-old Social Democrat leader who resigned yesterday (29th), has handed over the responsibility of electing a new leadership to the Speaker.

Despite the resignation of Prime Minister Stephen Lofven, the administration headed by him will continue to carry out its normal duties until a new government is formed.

Commenting on his resignation, Stephen Lofven said, “I urge the Speaker to release me as Prime Minister. This is the most difficult political decision I have ever made.

Early elections are not the best option, as the corona virus infection has created a difficult situation. ”

Stephen Lofven, accused of voting against him, without deciding on an alternative leadership.

The government plans to ease rental restrictions on newly built apartments in Sweden. The Left Party strongly opposed this and withdrew its support for the government. This was followed by a resolution of no confidence.

Out of a total of 349 members, 181 members voted in favor of the no-confidence motion in Parliament. Thus the resolution was successful.

In Sweden, the current government, or interim administration, will be in charge only until the parliamentary elections in September next year.

It is noteworthy that Stephen Lofven was the first Prime Minister in Sweden to be ousted by a no-confidence motion by the opposition.

Earlier, left-wing party leader Nousi Thadkoster had said he would never support the formation of a right-wing nationalist government, although his party had voted against Stephen Lofven.

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