Success of COVID-19 vaccine - notes in Israel

Success of COVID-19 vaccine - notes in Israel

The paralysis controls in Israel have been eased following a study that found that the Pfizer vaccine against corona virus was 95.8 percent effective in controlling infection and mortality.

Accordingly, shops, libraries and museums were allowed to open from yesterday. However social space and masking continues to be mandatory.

According to the Ministry of Health, this is the first step towards a return to normal life.

Israel is a world leader in vaccine delivery.

49% of people there have been vaccinated at least once.

Israel imposed a third general freeze on December 27 following an outbreak of the virus.

Now that it is relaxed people can go to tourist sites like supermarkets and zoo road.

The Ministry of Health said last Saturday that studies had found that the risk of the disease had dropped by 95 percent among those who had received the Pfizer vaccine twice.

This study found that this vaccine is 98 percent effective in preventing fever and respiratory problems.

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