Smartphone software capable of stealing information

Smartphone software capable of stealing information

Media report that the information of media institutions and various individuals has been stolen through a software sold by an Israeli company called “NSO Group”.

As a result, information from The Guardian, the Washington Post, and 15 other media outlets and personal information of politicians, social activists and journalists were allegedly stolen.

That software is called Pegasus.

An article in The Washington Post states that the company is believed to have about 50,000 telephone numbers and that the data has been collected since 2016.

The information of heads of state, prime ministers, Arab rulers and the rich is said to have been stolen accordingly.

The “Pegasus” software developed by the Israeli company is like a spy tool. It steals all the information on the smartphone.

The software has been identified to be able to retrieve data related to all messages exchanged through tools such as SMS, emails, Facebook, Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat and Telegram.

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