Russian diplomats return on rail trolley from North Korea

Russian diplomats return on rail trolley from North Korea

RUSSIA : A gathering of Russian negotiators and their relatives got back to Russia from North Korea on a hand-pushed rail streetcar on Thursday due to COVID-19 limitations in the nation, Russia’s Foreign Ministry said in a Facebook post.

“Since the boundaries have been shut for longer than a year and traveler traffic has been ended,” staff individuals from the Russian consulate in North Korea and their relatives left on “a long and troublesome excursion to return home,” the service said.

A video posted by the service showed government office staff with their youngsters and bags on a streetcar, cheering as two individuals pushed it across a railroad connect.

The Interfax news office investigated Friday morning that the gathering later took a trip to Moscow from the far-eastern city of Vladivostok.

North Korea has professed to be Covid free, however has fixed its lines and stopped traveler traffic with different nations. Outside specialists are profoundly doubtful of the North’s zero-infection case guarantee.

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