Roger Federer will miss tennis for ten months

Roger Federer will miss tennis for ten months

Roger Federer, 39, a 20-time Grand Slam champion, has been ruled out of tennis for 10 months after undergoing knee surgery.

He has also missed the Australian Open, which starts on February 8.

“I hope to be 100% healed by next October. But I will not give up. Let’s see how things turn out in the next two months, “said Federer.

His fans will no doubt be hoping for a repeat performance, but while you learn never to write off the player widely acknowledged as the greatest in history, to win another Grand Slam title would surely amount to the mother of all comebacks.

Federer last competed in the Melbourne Open this year, where he lost to Novak Djokovic in the semi-finals. “I look forward to the next two months. I have done a lot of physical and physical work recently. Now let’s look at the game of tennis. There is a lot of interest in the Australian Open, ”he added.

Provided he is fit you can be pretty sure that Federer will be competitive again, but whether he can hold off the combined forces of his great rivals Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic and a pack of hungry young pretenders is another matter.


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