People arrested for swindling 1,500 million online

People arrested for swindling 1,500 million online

New Delhi : INDIA :  The New Delhi-based Special Cyber ​​Crime Unit has arrested 11 people for allegedly swindling Indian Rs. 1,500 million online using two computer apps operated from China.

Investigations have revealed that two Chartered Accountants were among the arrested persons and that these Indian nationals had acted as local agents of the leaders of this racket in China.

Police say that these people have been running this racket as a business of investing money through an app.

Investigations have revealed that more than 500,000 people have fallen victim to this scam.

Meanwhile, a person has been arrested by the Indian Border Police at the Bangladesh border for attempting to smuggle around 1300 used phone SIMs across the border into China.

Authorities said the SIMs may have been used for various scams.

Indian authorities say they are investigating how the Chinese national was detained and how he bought a large number of SIMs at once.

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