Monaco Grand Prix - Max Verstappen First place

Monaco Grand Prix - Max Verstappen First place

In the Monaco Grand Prix round of the Formula 1 car race, Red Bull’s Max Verstappen won first place.

Every year the ‘Formula 1’ car race takes place in 23 rounds. Each round will take place in each country.

Accordingly, the fifth round of the current year, the Monaco Grand Prix, was held yesterday at the Monaco International Race Course.

Of these, 20 players from 10 teams rammed into the car, heading towards a racing distance of 260.286 km.

The Red Bull’s Max Verstaben finished first in 1 hour 38 minutes 56.820 seconds. For this he was awarded 25 points.

Ferrari’s Carlos Scienz Jr. finished second, 08.968 seconds behind him.

He also scored 18 points for second place.

With 19.427 seconds behind, Lendo Norris of the McLaren team finished third in the race. For that he was awarded 15 points.

Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes-Benz, the reigning champion, finished seventh, 68.231 seconds behind.

At the end of the five rounds that have taken place so far, Max Verstappen is leading with 105 points with two wins.

Lewis Hamilton is second with 101 points with three wins.

Lendo Norris is also in third place with 56 points.

The next sixth round of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix will take place on June 6 next month at the Baguio International Stadium.

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