Gaza Strip is on fire again

Gaza Strip is on fire again

GAZA : After 25 days, clashes between Israel and Palestine have resumed in the Gaza Strip.

Israeli security forces say they have again launched air strikes on targets in the Gaza Strip on Wednesday night.

They said a fire in southern Israel was caused by inflated balloons launched from the Gaza Strip the previous day.

The Palestinian news agency WAFA also reported that air strikes had been carried out on the Khan Younis area and confirmed that no casualties had been reported.

This is the first air strike in the Gaza Strip, where a month-long ceasefire has been in place.

Israeli security forces say they launched the balloons in protest of a recent provocative march in Jerusalem.

According to international media reports, far-right Jewish extremists chanted “Death to the Arabs” and “This is our home.”

Thirty-three Palestinian protesters were injured and six hospitalized after clashes with Israeli security forces.

This is the first conflict in the new government of Israel led by the recently elected right – wing Prime Minister Naphtali Bennett.

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