French second Covid-19 wave turns good way

French second Covid-19 wave turns good way

The situation in France is easing to some extent, with Covid-19 being the second worst hit country in Europe.

Due to this the government is preparing to relax the strict restrictions imposed recently.

France is currently the fourth most infected country in the world.

Only the United States, India and Brazil are above it.

The total number of infected people in the country has exceeded 2 million and the number of deaths has exceeded 50,000.

The highest number of cases reported in the country in a day after the outbreak began on November 7. That number was close to 88,000.

Now the situation has largely abated, with only 9,100 new infections reported on the 24th.

In this context, the government has decided to remove most of the restrictions from December 15. Non-essential stores will also be allowed to open this weekend.

If the number of infected people falls below 5,000 daily, further travel restrictions will be relaxed from December 15, and places such as cinemas will reportedly reopen.

However, bars and restaurants will remain closed until January 20.

President Emmanuel Macron has said that the second wave has passed and that easing restrictions will allow people to celebrate Christmas more freely.


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