Dustin takes revenge on McGregor

Dustin takes revenge on McGregor

UFC  mixed martial arts champion defeats Connor McGregor and Dustin Poirier became the new champion yesterday (24th).

He won the 257th round of the UFC in Abu Dhabi.

Dustin defeated McGregor (knockout) in the second round at 2.32 minutes. Dustin’s quick attack on that last moment caused a great deal of controversy in the media.

McGregor and Dustin had previously met in 2014, when Dustin lost in the first round with 1.46 minutes to go.

The match between the two, who are the same age (39) and the same height, attracted a lot of spectators and attracted foreign attention less than a month before the match.

The duo were highly praised for each other, and McGregor even donated $ 500,000 to Poirier’s charity, The Good Fight Foundation.

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