China's recent Coast Guard Act is dangerous - US

China's recent Coast Guard Act is dangerous - US

The United States has expressed concern that the recent Coast Guard law passed by China is dangerous.

The U.S. State Department says the law could escalate maritime conflicts and could be used to assert illegal rights.

China has maritime border conflicts with Japan in the East China Sea and with many Southeast Asian countries.

China passed the Coast Guard Act last month. The law explicitly allows Chinese coast guards to open fire on foreign vessels.

In this context, US State Department spokesman Netflix told a news conference yesterday (Friday) that the Coast Guard’s explicit link to the implementation of the Chinese government’s expectations and the use of force, including armed forces, in ongoing regional and maritime conflicts.

He also said the law could be used to intimidate neighbors with maritime links to China.

He added that China could implement the new law to confirm illegal maritime rights claims in the South China Sea, pointing out that these claims were completely rejected by the 2016 arbitration award.

Meanwhile, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has dismissed China’s controversial claims about most marine resources in the South China Sea as completely illegal.

In that sense, it is possible the United States is committed to working with Japan and the Philippines on maritime borders.

Meanwhile, the South China Sea issue was the main topic of discussion with Chinese President Xi Jinping after the inauguration of US President Joe Biden.

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