"China if violence does not stop..will take tough action" - Joe Biden

"China if violence does not stop..will take tough action" - Joe Biden

US President Joe Biden has warned China that the Chinese government must respond to human rights abuses in China. Biden said everyone knows how minorities are treated in China. Biden said China must respond to the world.

Speaking on a television program about atrocities against Uyghur Muslims in China’s Xinjiang province, President Biden called for an immediate end to Beijing’s human rights abuses.

China also knows the consequences

In a program aired on CNN, Joe Biden said, “China’s treatment of minorities will have serious consequences. China knows this too. ” He said that. He added that the United States would play a global role in raising its voice in support of human rights and would work closely with the international community to control atrocities in China.

The Chinese president was also briefed over the phone

The US President said that China wants to become the world’s leading country and that the country is ready to go to any lengths. Biden said that if the Chinese government does not stop the act, which is against human rights, it will have dire consequences.

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