CEO of Crown Casino resigns

CEO of Crown Casino resigns

The CEO of Crown Resorts, Australia’s leading casino business, has resigned amid allegations of money laundering. CEO Ken Barton has resigned following the resignation of several other top officials following allegations of money laundering.

An investigation by the Australian government last week revealed that the Crown Casino branch in New South Wales was not eligible to issue a license. Therefore, problems have arisen regarding the manner in which the license was issued.

This situation has also caused problems with the licensing of the newly built casino in Sydney. The new investigation also calls into question the manner in which licenses have been obtained for other branches of the Crown.

The Melbourne and Perth branches of the Crown Casino business, owned by Australian publisher James Packer, have also been accused of illegal activity for years.

The government has launched this special investigation after it was revealed that a group of organized financial criminals were working live with Crown Casinos. The Board of Inquiry has also recommended the dismissal of most of the employees of the relevant branch.

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