Britain's complete freeze will be fully liberated in 4 steps

Britain's complete freeze will be fully liberated in 4 steps

UNITED KINGDOM : British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has laid out four-step steps to free Britain from a complete freeze. The new corona virus, a highly contagious mutant virus, has been in the UK since January 4, when it was discovered in the southeastern part of the country.

Boris Johnson’s government hopes to be able to open more centers of the economy by the end of June, as massive improvements are currently being made in all of them.

On this basis, he stressed that the four steps would be decided by data and not by dates and that the plan was subject to change.

Downing Street office officials were reportedly interested in explaining that the precautionary measure should be continued as a precautionary measure to avoid restrictions and to prevent the economy from further weakening.

“We can’t go with restrictions indefinitely. These steps need to be taken with caution, but not with pauses,” Johnson said. “Schools across Britain will finally reopen and the first phase will begin on March 8,” the prime minister told parliament.

The second phase of the hierarchy will begin on March 29 with the return of limited outdoor social interactions such as sitting on a park bench with one person. As well as groups of six meeting outside, two houses will be allowed to attend and further restrictions will be lifted.

The Prime Minister said the following activities would take place at least five weeks apart, pointing out that the government needs four weeks to collect the required data and one week to alert the concerned public and departments.

The second phase, which will not begin before April 12, will see the return of non-essential retail outlets such as hairdressing salons, gyms, museums, zoos and other parks. Social interaction rules will continue for internal activities, meaning only one household can attend.

Importantly, the hospitality department will be allowed to reopen at this point, however, hotels and restaurants will only be allowed to serve groups of six, or groups of two houses. The prime minister has said there will be no disabling orders or restrictions on what customers can order after harsh criticism last summer. The third phase, which is not set to begin before May 17, will remove most of the social gap rules.

Groups of up to 30 people can meet in a public place or outside in a private garden. Although the terms of the group of six will apply, they will be allowed to serve within pubs and restaurants.

Indoor entertainment will also be allowed to resume, with halls allowed to hold up to 1,000 people. Up to 10,000 spectators will be allowed to attend large venues such as Wembley Stadium.

Finally, according to the fourth step, this will not happen soon before June 12, removing most social interaction rules and allowing nightclubs. If things go right there will be no limits to personal life events like weddings.

In the weeks and months leading up to the fourth step, the government will conduct reviews on major outdoor events such as music festivals.

The government will look into controversial measures such as the Govt certificate for parents or vaccinated parents who have “opposite” results in the corona test. The international trip will not return until at least May 17, and the trip between the four nations of the UK will be discussed between the decentralized governments.

The speed at which the country exits the freeze depends on the results of four major tests. How vaccination happens; How vaccines affect hospitalization and mortality; The key tests are whether the infection rates are low and whether the mutated new strains of corona virus have been developed (not to mention that these four other three trials have not been underestimated).

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