Britain plans to increase women joining military to 30% by 2030

Britain plans to increase women joining military to 30% by 2030

UNITED KINGDOM : Britain plans to increase the percentage of women in the military to 30 percent by 2030, according to the Defense Ministry.

The new target emerged in response to a poor report by parliamentarians exposing the extent of sexual harassment, assault and bullying experienced by female service workers.

Member of Parliament who led the report, Ministry of Defense to enhance the experience of women in defense work. The priority seems to be clear. He also commended the ministers for accepting most of the 50 recommendations made by him and his colleagues.

But Sarah Atherton, chairwoman of the Armed Forces subcommittee, said she was disappointed the ministry refused to allow military violence cases to be heard in civil courts.

He added, ‘It is disappointing that the Ministry of Defense has refused to remove sex cases from the jurisdiction of the military tribunal, despite clear evidence that the current system is failing to deliver justice.

It is clear that the military is a male-dominated organization. Therefore, the government has set ambitious targets such as doubling the recruitment rate for women. It has also accelerated the work of women’s health, uniforms and equipment. ‘

At the same time, the Ministry of Defense accepted 33 of the recommendations made by Members of Parliament who sit as a subcommittee within the Parliamentary Security Select Committee.

The Ministry of Defense has promised greater freedom in dealing with complaints of bullying, harassment and discrimination. Created a new ‘External Communications Investigation Service’ and a central committee to handle decisions on whether a case is worthy.

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