Blocking Sino-Nepalese border Merchants in trouble

Blocking Sino-Nepalese border Merchants in trouble

NEPAL : Nepalese traders allege that China has blocked crossing the Sino-Nepal border for the past 16 months.

According to foreign news services, the National Chamber of Commerce of Nepal has on several occasions called on the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs to resolve the issue diplomatically.

Nepal has said it will suspend trade with China if it does not.

“Our goods have been stuck for months. We have had discussions with China on several occasions and have informed the relevant Ministries as well as key political leaders about this. But so far there have been no positive results.

If this situation continues, there is no point in trading with China, ”said Naresh Katuwal, president of the Nepal National Trade Federation.

Traders say about 2,000 containers loaded with clothing, shoes, cosmetics, electronics and industrial goods have been stopped near the border, and only a small number have been released, especially during the festive season last October-November.

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