Belarusian government turns down a plane to abduct a journalist

Belarusian government turns down a plane to abduct a journalist

BELARUS : Foreign media reported that a journalist who had criticized the government of the Republic of Belarus, which had seceded from the Soviet Union, had left a plane to be hijacked.

Roman Potsevich, a young journalist living abroad who opposed the dictatorial rule of President Alexander Lukashenko, who has ruled Belarus since 1994, has been abducted using state power.

He was flying from Greece to Lithuania on a RyanAir flight via Belarus.

The air traffic control tower in Minsk, Belarus, said it had received information that a bomb had been planted on the plane.

A MiG-29 fighter jet was sent to land at the Minsk airport.

After inspecting the plane, he said there was nothing dangerous in it and allowed it to return to its destination in Lithuania, considering it a normal occurrence.

But it was later revealed that Roman Potsevich, an editor of the Nexta media group that had supported the opposition in Belarus, had disappeared.

The US ambassador to Belarus called the abduction a journalist using state terrorism, and the EU warned of dire consequences.

They also demanded the immediate release of the abducted 26-year-old journalist.

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