Australia demands money from Google and Facebook

Australia demands money from Google and Facebook

AUSTRALIA : Australia has passed a law requiring Google and Facebook to pay for news related to their country. This is the first law of its kind in the world. Both American companies have strongly objected to this law.

Last week, the company blocked news coverage of Australia via Facebook and changed its mind after discussions with the government.

During the talks, it was reported that an agreement was reached to amend the new law to make it inappropriate for Facebook and Google.

However, the two companies are already making financial payments to large-scale Australian publishers outside the new regulations.

The new law was passed by the House of Representatives yesterday (25). Before that it was passed by the Senate.

Facebook and Google have argued that the basic understanding of how the Internet works is not working properly.

The new law allows these companies and news services to negotiate relevant transactions. Failure to reach an agreement in such negotiations may result in an independent settlement.

According to the Australian Consumer Affairs Commission, the potential of news services has not been as strong as it used to be. The new laws also give them power.

The focus is also on the contribution of journalists, trade deals, etc. The same is true of companies such as Facebook and Google, which have the ability to completely eliminate the arbitration process.

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