Anti-China activities will be given refuge on their soil

Anti-China activities will be given refuge on their soil

The Taliban has said no one involved in anti-China activities will be given asylum on their soil.

The Taliban delegation made the remarks after a Taliban delegation led by Mullah Abdul Gani Bardar, who is on a tour of China, met with Foreign Minister Wang Yi.

Taliban spokesmen told the media after the talks that China was a “credible country”.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said Wang Lee hoped the Taliban would understand the differences between them and Xinjiang separatists during the meeting.

This is the first Taliban talks with China since the complete withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan.

With 95 percent of US troops already out of Afghanistan, the Taliban are advancing on various areas controlled by the military.

This is said to have worried China. Chinese officials have warned that if the Taliban rule in Afghanistan again, they could give refuge to Xinjiang province, a separatist organization based in the Uighur Muslim-majority province of China.

However, the Taliban denied the allegations, saying, “We consider China our ally. Therefore, we will not support the Uyghur separatist organizations in that country. ‘

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