A new head to CIA

A new head to CIA

The CIA, the US Central Intelligence Agency. William Burns, a 64-year-old former diplomat, has been recommended by President Joe Biden as the new head of the Central Intelligence Agency, and must be approved by the Senate.

Political observers say the Senate will have no problem approving him. Speaking to a Senate committee on Wednesday, William Burns said the key factor in America’s national security is how it competes with China.

He described China as a powerful, authoritarian opponent.

Burns also pointed out that China is getting stronger in several areas. He emphasized the theft of intellectual property, the repression of his people, the expansion of his power, and the growing influence in the United States.

He also commented on four of his priorities, one of which is China.

Other priorities were people building cooperation with other parties and technology.

Competition with China was a major priority during the Trump administration, and it appears that it will continue to do so under Biden.

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