24 Boeing 777s decommissioned By running

24 Boeing 777s decommissioned By running

United Airlines of America has decided to immediately decommission 24 of its Boeing 777 aircraft.

The decision was made shortly after the plane crashed shortly after takeoff from Denver airport on Saturday.

The plane was carrying 231 passengers and 10 crew members at the time.

With this error, some of the wreckage of the plane crashed into the city of Denver below.

The plane was immediately diverted and landed at the airport, and no passengers or residents were injured in the incident.

However, the police had released photographs of parts of the plane falling near houses in the city.

Passengers on the plane said they feared the plane would crash. They told the media that shortly after it took off, an explosion was heard and the plane began to shake rapidly.

Japan has warned Boeing 777s with similar engines to avoid entering its airspace.

Boeing has also agreed to the Japanese announcement, recommending that all Boeing 777s with engines of this type be decommissioned.

An investigation has been launched into the incident. They said that 69 such aircraft are currently in operation worldwide.

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